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Feed the hungry in Indiana- Join OBAT’s “Rehma” initiative.

September 2, 2011

OBAT Helpers is pleased to announce a new initiative, “Rehma,” to help alleviate poverty and hunger in the United States.  The Rehma Initiative will seek to partner with existing hunger and poverty programs in the United States as well as establish a micro-lending program to help the unemployed.  Rehma is the Arabic word for compassion and is regularly featured in Muslim religious texts. 

 According to OBAT’s president, Anwar Khan, “OBAT Helpers has been able to create successful models in Bangladesh with American philanthropy.  We decided that at a time of economic distress, we need to continue our work in Bangladesh but also work to help those at home.”

 Indianapolis attorney, Shariq Siddiqui, has been appointed chair of this new initiative.  “Shariq has a long experience of developing strong collaborative programs and it was natural for us to ask him to serve in this voluntary role,” stated Anwar Khan. Shariq works for the Julian Center.  He was formerly the Executive Director of the Muslim Alliance of Indiana.  In addition to his JD, he has an MA in Philanthropic Studies and is in the final stages of his PhD in Philanthropy.

 Rehma Initiative’s first collaborative venture is to help feed the hungry in Indiana.  Rehma will be raising funds for Second Helpings.  Second Helpings is an Indianapolis based charity that rescues food and feeds the poor in Indiana.  Each meal costs $0.64.  Rehma’s objective will be to feed 500 people every Friday for a year through Second Helpings. OBAT Helpers’ volunteers will also be involved in the process.

OBAT Helpers seeks your donation to feed the hungry and the poor in Indiana. 

$0.64 pays for 1 meal

$64 provides 100 meals

$256 provides 100 meals every Friday for 1 month 

$640 supplies 100 meals every Friday for 10 weeks

$3328 pays for 100 meals every Friday for one year

For further questions please contact:

Shariq Siddiqui

cell: 317-716-0744

To make a donation:

You can donate online at or send checks to: 1100 W 42nd St, ste 125, Indianapolis, IN 46208. Please write, “Rehma,” in the memo section.


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