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Meet Roshny… a preschooler at OBAT’s Chittagong Preschool

April 3, 2012
  • The word, “Roshny “means light.


  • This little girl lives in the camps in Chittagong and attends the preschool there.


  • Her mother passed away four years ago; father remarried , moved away and entrusted his old, widowed mother with the care of Roshny and her older sister.


  • Sony, Roshny’s older sister is a fourth grader at OBAT’s elementary school;  she will not be able to  study beyond grade 5 as her grandmother cannot afford to send her to school.


  • Roshny’s uncle pays her grandmother for their upkeep; he earns a minimal amount, less than $50 a month from his cigarette shop.


  • Roshny lives  in a house made out of bamboo sticks and plastic sheets. Both sisters are malnourished.


  • Her grandmother is bent on sending Roshny to preschool so she can later on be admitted into an elementary school and can light up her future with her name and will.

 You can help little kids like Roshni, spread their light. Contribute now  to our global giving campaign at:

This project has to raise at least $4,000 from 50 donors by April 30, 11:59 PM EDT to earn a permanent spot on Global Giving, thus giving OBAT  access to a pool of donors worldwide. With greater resources at its disposal, OBAT will be able to educate and change the lives of so many more Roshny’s. Please reach out and be a part of that change.


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