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Meet Mohammad Mohan, a preschooler at OBAT’s Khulna Preschool

April 25, 2012

Mohan is six years old.

His dad is a day laborer earning a sketchy and meagre income of $2 a mth.

Mohan’s mother died during his birth so he was raised by his grand mother.

His grandmother is in ill health and very worried about Mohan’s future.

OBAT’s Khulna preschool provides a ray of hope for Mohan and his grand mother.

Many children like Mohan live in dire poverty in the camps in Bangladesh.

OBAT’s mission is to try and empower them through education.

Our Preschool  project has to raise $4,000 from 50 donors by April 30 to earn a permanent spot on GlobalGiving. A permanent spot means getting access to donors worldwide through GlobalGiving’s website.  (

 Thank you to all our supporters who have helped us raise $2,955 so far! We only need to raise $1,045 more from 13 more donors.

 Please visit:

to contribute to the  project.


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