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Here’s how you can change lives of little children in OBAT’s preschools

April 26, 2012
Your contribution of…
$20 will provide notebooks for writing for 14 children

$50 will provide text books for 10 children

$100 will cover the expenses for chalk, teaching materials etc. for 50 children

$150 will provide chairs and mats for 300 kids to sit on.

$200 will provide training workshops for ten teachers. They will train them to teach preschool children according to

standard methods of teaching.

$310 will provide annual salary of one administrative personnel (accountant or program supervisor)

$325 will pay for the rent of one preschool center

$450 will pay the annual salary of one teacher

Think of how many lives you can change by a small act of giving. 

Our preschool project has been accepting contributions at  the site now, at the following link:

We still need $1,045 from 12 more donors! We have only till April 30th to do that! Pls help us reach this goal.

Give a little, change a lot.                                     

Children have fun with balloons during play time.

Children pose with their books and teacher.


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