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A # 15 ranking out of 75 isn’t bad but not good enough to win the photo contest and a $1000 for our preschools!

August 10, 2012

Vote and get us to #1. Only five days to go! If you and your friends haven’t done so yet, click here to vote for OBAT’s photo:

Here are the details….

A photograph from OBAT’s preschool project was submitted by us in the recent Global Giving photo contest. We ended up being one of the 75 finalists! That gives us a chance to win a $1000’s for our preschool project in Bangladesh, a full day of being featured on Global Giving’s home page as well as being highlighted in their social media outreach.

 All you need to do is vote for our photo at this link:

 Only votes from unique email addresses will count. So, you cannot vote more than once! Once the vote is submitted, the voter will receive a confirmation email from Global Giving. Only when you have confirmed the vote, will the vote be counted. So, pls don’t forget to confirm the vote! You can vote from several id’s if you have multiple em addresses. Just remember to go back to the account you vote from and click on the confirmation em.

 Voting ends on August 15th. Pls rally up your friends and family members and ask them to vote. It just takes a click. You helped us raise over $4000 on Global Giving for our preschool project, in April. With your help, we won the Global Giving challenge and earned a permanent spot on the website. A $1000 more from winning this contest will go a long way too.

 The organization with the greatest number of votes wins. We are currently ranked at #15 among the 75 finalists.  Vote for our preschool’s picture and help us move to the top!


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