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Day 10 of thank yous- Shazia, a lesson in overcoming adversity.

November 15, 2012

Shazia feels that in the society in which she lives, girls are considered a curse. Shazia is the eldest of three sisters and lives in a rented house in Halishaher. Out of the mere sixty-five dollars that her father brings home as income every month, thirty-three dollars are used to pay for the rent of the tin and bamboo shack they live in. Shazia was able to complete her studies till grade nine with the help of her uncle. However, she was unable to sit for the SSC or middle school exam due to inadequate funds. After applying to OBAT Helpers for aid, she was not only able to take her SSC exams but also the HSC exam and graduate from high school in July 2011. As a result, she was able to apply for a position at OBAT’s Halishaher primary school and is now working there as a teacher. For the first time, this year, she was able to buy new clothes for the Eid festival for herself and her sisters from her own income.  She plans to continue to work and simultaneously pursue her undergraduate degree. In her own words, she feels proud of herself and can see relief on her father’s face due to both of them now sharing the financial burden.


a curse but she has proven to be a blessing for her family. You can help more girls like Shazia become the source of hope and salvation for their parents and siblings. Donate to OBAT’s schools and help hundreds of Shazias fulfill their dreams.


Shazia, teaching in a class room.

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