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Stellar grades and generosity- Grateful for this wonderful combo!

November 23, 2012

Twenty one year old Zafar Ali studies at the Victoria University of Bangladesh in the B.B.A department. He is also a volunteer for OBAT Helpers and teaches the destitute students who live in different slums or camps.  Zafar’s parents were able to get him through high school where his diligence got him stellar grades. Zafar feels that without his parents’ moral and financial support, he could not have gotten that far. After high school, he tried to get admission into a university for higher education but the meager income of his father who works as a driver, could not allow that to happen. Zafar approached OBAT for assistance with completing his college education. His help to OBAT as a volunteer and  exceptional performance as a student were reasons enough for OBAT to grant him an educational scholarship. Zafar was also allowed to teach a higher grade at OBAT’s tutoring Center. He is currently enrolled in the 10th Semester of the BBA program. While Zafar is very grateful to OBAT for giving him this opportunity, OBAT owes him a greater debt of gratitude for his work as a volunteer that he still carries out in spite of his severely limited resources.


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